Download Source Code

firefox The XBoing source package is a collection of all the source code files needed to compile the game. You will need to know what your doing to compile this game. All the relevant makefiles are included and detailed installation instructions are included.

You will need a program that can unpack a GZIP and TAR package. Programs like gunzip, or winzip should be able to do this. Remember this is the source code for a UNIX operating system running the X Window System as the GUI. You will need the XPM Library installed along with the X11 include files so XBoing can compile and link.

Download Externally Compiled Packages

XBoing has been compiled and packaged for a number of different unix-like operating systems. The links below represent some of those packages available to download.

If you know of any other pre-compiled versions of XBoing please let me know so I can add them to the list. Thanks.